Where to Get Baseball Cards Appraised

For many baseball fans, collecting baseball cards is just as enjoyable as watching or playing baseball. They love trading cards, buying packs, collecting rare cards, and even creating their all-time favorite fantasy baseball team.

Some people also inherit baseball card collections from their parents or grandparents. These collections may hold immense value, depending on the rare and superstar cards in the collection. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the true market value of their cards or collection.

Here, appraisals can help them understand the value of their collection or even individual cards from their collection. Moreover, baseball cards or collection appraisals can be used to sell, auction, trade, insure, or certify your baseball cards.

You can also opt for some great, free appraisal options if you want to learn the estimated market value of your card or collection. But where to get baseball cards appraised?

Where to Get Baseball Cards Appraised

We have researched for you and come up with a list of the best organizations where you can get your baseball cards appraised. These appraisals can be done free and for a cost, with and without certifications.

· Lelands

Perhaps the best place for free online appraisals is Lelands, and its appraisal process is also incredibly simple. You have to provide a detailed description of your baseball card and upload a few recent pictures of the card to get your free appraisal in under a week.

With an extensive portfolio of auctioned sports collectibles under its belt, Lelands has been in the appraisal business since the 80s. The great thing about Lelands is that once you get your cards appraised for free, you can also utilize its auction services to sell your collectible.

Lelands does not limit the number of cards you can submit for online appraisals, but their free appraisals do not hold up for insurance or legal purposes. For an appraisal that can be used to get the card insured, you may want to consider a more established organization like the PSA. We will share more on PSA ahead.

· Just Collect

Another great free option comes from another recognized online auction house called Just Collect. It offers its baseball card appraisal services online, in-person in New Jersey, and through the mail. Its process is smooth and simple. Just Collect will also consider the story or history of your card in their valuation process.

The great thing about Just Collect is that it may offer to directly buy your baseball cards from you if they are valuable enough. It provides an offer with your appraisal, allowing you to skip the headaches of auctions, trading, or finding suitable buyers.

However, there are a few drawbacks. Unfortunately, Just Collect does not offer grading services, any official appraisal reports, or certification with their free appraisals. Although, if you are looking for a free appraisal and quick sale of valuable baseball cards, Just Collect is ideal for you.

· Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

If you ask baseball enthusiasts or card collectors, “where to get baseball cards appraised?”, the first, most common answer you will get is the PSA. This trust and recognition are there because Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the established standard and most recognized appraiser of sports cards.

The PSA is trusted around the world because it provides the most accurate and authentic valuation of sports cards. It offers unmatched grading and appraisals for baseball cards. Serious card collectors always seek a PSA grading and certification for any valuable baseball cards they want to purchase or trade.

To get your baseball card/s appraised, you need to follow these submission steps on the PSA website and ship them the card/s. Once it has graded your cards, you can apply for PSA appraisals. The PSA only appraises baseball cards that have been certified by them.

PSA offers a tiered pricing structure for grading and appraisals, starting at $50 for grading and authenticating cards with a declared value of $999 or less. This price can go up to $10,000 for cards with a declared value of $250,000 or more.

The great thing about PSA is that it is the only service that offers a guarantee, and its certification is accurate enough for insurance and legal purposes.

· All Vintage Cards

All Vintage Cards specializes in cards from the tobacco or cigarette card era till the 50s, including the highly-valuable T206 set of cards. Similar to Just Collect, not only do All Vintage Cards offer free appraisals, but it will also offer to buy your valuable cards directly for top-dollar.

Their online appraisal form is quite simple and requires a scan or photo of the card. If your card is valuable, All Vintage Cards will give you a good offer with the appraisal. However, it may not accept baseball cards produced after 1980 and not include any certificates in the appraisals. Also, it doesn’t have any official accreditation.

Our Final Thoughts

If you ever wondered where to get baseball cards appraised, the mentioned organizations are some of the best in the business. You can always opt for any free options, including those that may offer to directly buy your card/s, making this relatively simple for sellers.

However, the best option for baseball card appraisals will always be the PSA, as they are the established standard for baseball card grading, certifications, and appraisals.

Although, if your baseball card is worth less than $400-$500, it may be worth considering the cost involved with a PSA grading and appraisal. This is because the total fees and shipment costs may eat up a nice chunk of your profits.

Still, if you want to get your baseball cards appraised and certified for insurance or legal purposes, PSA is your best option. It also opens up your baseball card or collection to a wide range of collectors and enthusiasts who only want to buy or trade PSA certified sports cards.

If you want to learn more about where to get baseball cards appraised, or about the best baseball products, guides, and trivia, please visit our website today.

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