What Is the Best Football Game for PC? Uncover the Top Contenders

You’re on the hunt for the ultimate PC football game, aren’t you? The kind that brings the roar of the crowd and the thrill of the pitch right to your fingertips. With so many options out there, it’s a real challenge to find the one that’ll make you feel like a gridiron hero.

But don’t sweat it! You’ve come to the right place to kick off your search. Whether you’re after the most realistic simulation or the most addictive arcade experience, we’re about to dive into the world of virtual football and discover which game scores the winning touchdown for PC gamers.


Step onto the virtual pitch with FIFA 20, where you’ll find an impressive leap towards realism in the football gaming scene. Having played football at a competitive level, you know the ins and outs of the sport, and it’s exhilarating to see a game that gets it right. FIFA 20 enriches the digital experience with features that are significant for both seasoned players and rookies.

You’ll experience the Volta Football mode, taking you to the streets for some intense and fast-paced matches that truly test your skills. It’s as if you’re back to playing pick-up games where every flick of the ball counts, and every goal scored is a personal victory. Footwork and finesse reign supreme in these compact arenas.

The game boasts a comprehensive Career Mode that lets you manage and lead a team as if you’re back calling the shots from the sidelines. The level of detail in management simulates real-world decisions you’d have to make, from signing new talent to negotiating contracts, ensuring you’re always engaged in the fate of your club.

  • Realistic ball physics
  • Enhanced AI behavior
  • Overhauled Set Pieces
  • Authentic Player Models

The large number of leagues and teams will keep you hooked as you explore various tactical setups and play styles. FIFA 20’s gameplay mechanics, like strafe dribbling and controlled tackling, add layers of depth and strategy to each match. You need to think like a real footballer, anticipating the opponent’s moves and outsmarting them on the virtual field.

In FIFA 20, the roar of the crowd, the detailed stadiums, and the dynamic weather conditions contribute to an immersive atmosphere that’s tough to distinguish from watching a live match. The graphics are so lifelike you’ll forget you’re sitting in front of your PC.

Remember, your choice among football games for PC should cater to your desire for authenticity, strategy, and the thrill of the game. Keep these aspects in mind as you weigh FIFA 20 against its contenders on the digital field.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020

You’re always on the lookout for the most realistic football experiences in your gaming pursuits. As a seasoned football coach and avid fan, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PES 2020) demands your attention. It’s a title that challenges FIFA 20 in authenticity and may even strike a chord with your tactical soul. PES 2020, developed by Konami, prides itself on its incredible attention to detail, from the players to the tactics they employ on the virtual pitch.

As you dig deeper into PES 2020’s offerings, you’ll find features that echo the days you spent drilling your team on the field. The game’s Master League mode is particularly notable, immersing you in the managerial aspects of football, which might be reminiscent of your coaching days. It lets you manage a team, make transfer decisions, and even progress through a reimagined, interactive dialogue system that impacts the story of your career.

The on-pitch action in PES 2020 is where you’ll feel your coaching instincts kick in. The game boasts a refined ball control system that rewards skill and knowledge – something you know all too well. Player individuality is at the forefront, with statistics and playstyles that reflect their real-life counterparts. You’ll see the fruits of your strategic setups and player choices in every match.

Gameplay Aspect FIFA 20 PES 2020
Ball Physics Advanced Highly Realistic
AI Behavior Enhanced Deeply Strategic
Game Modes Multiple Master League & MyClub

Dribbling mechanics have been overhauled to better represent player agility and ball control. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself leaning into turns and feints, compelled by the lifelike player movements that mirror an authentic football match.

PES 2020 also ensures that every game feels fresh with its dynamic weather systems. Rain or shine, the change in weather affects ball physics and player performance, challenging you to adapt your tactics in real-time. The weather isn’t just a visual effect; it’s an integral part of the gameplay that will test your adaptability.

Madden NFL 20

As you delve deeper into the realm of virtual football, it’s impossible to ignore Madden NFL 20. This game might just capture your coach’s eye with its unique approach to American football. With experience in the game, be it on the field or the sidelines, you’ll appreciate Madden’s commitment to an authentic football experience.

Let’s break down what makes Madden NFL 20 a fierce competitor. Firstly, the game boasts a feature called Face of the Franchise, which allows you to create and guide a player from their college football days to the glory of the NFL. It’s a fresh take on personalizing your football journey, giving you a taste of the passion and dedication required to reach the pros.

The on-the-field action in Madden NFL 20 feels more strategic than ever, especially with the introduction of Superstar X-Factor abilities. Just like in real football, you’ll recognize that some players can completely change the dynamic of the game. The impact of star players is magnified in this installment, adding a layer to your game planning. You must work these unique talents into your strategy, much like crafting a game-winning play.

In terms of gameplay, Madden NFL 20 provides a smooth and responsive experience. The passing mechanics are refined, allowing you to thread the needle with a precision pass like a true quarterback. And when it comes to defense, you’re in for a treat with improved player AI. Defenders react more realistically to plays, so you’ll need to read the game and anticipate movements – skills you undoubtedly sharpened as both a player and a fan.

Off the field, Madden’s staple game mode, Franchise Mode, has seen improvements as well. You’ll get to manage your team in great detail, from player contracts to scouting and drafting new talent. It simulates the pressures and decisions that a coach or general manager must face throughout the season.

As you explore Madden NFL 20, you’ll find it captures the essence of American football in a way that’s both immersive and strategic, offering plenty of depth to satisfy your coaching instincts.

Remember, Madden NFL 20 isn’t just a game – it’s your chance to relive those moments of glory and fuel your passion for football from a different perspective. Whether you’re calling plays, managing rosters, or taking a quarterback from rookie to legend, your knowledge of the sport translates into tactical advantage on the virtual gridiron.

Football Manager 2020

Whenever you’re craving to trade boots for a suit and take your place at the helm of your favorite team, Football Manager 2020 (FM20) emerges as a strong contender. Its intricate detail and in-depth control over tactical setups, player management, and match-day decisions make it a haven for strategic minds like yours.

You know the value of a well-placed pass and the grit needed to win midfield battles. In FM20, you get to instill these qualities into your squad. You’re not just watching – you’re making the calls. With a database of players that seems to reflect the real-world football landscape, you’ll spot talent like a seasoned scout.

Your days of leading the charge on the pitch might be behind you, but your passion doesn’t need to be benched.

  • Build Your Legacy – Start from the lower leagues or jump straight in at the top. Your career path is a blank playbook.
  • Tactical Mastery – Outsmart real-life coaches with intricate tactics that cater to your squad’s strengths.
  • Youth Development – Unearth the next wonderkid and watch as he dominates the league under your guidance.

Financial management is as crucial as your formation on match day. Balance the books and navigate the complexities of player contracts to ensure your club’s longevity. Each decision you make resonates through the club, from the boardroom to the fan sites.

Speaking of dynamics, the player morale system is intricate, demanding careful man-management skills. You’ll need to deal with diverse personality types ensuring harmony in the locker room to obtain peak performance levels on the field.

As you delve into the season, you’ll appreciate the revamped competition mechanics. The satisfaction of leading your team to glory, piecing together a winning strategy, and executing it to perfection, will all come flooding back – this time at your desk.

Remember, every legend has humble beginnings. With FM20, your managerial career awaits. Will your name be chanted in the stands or whispered in the corridors as the one who took the game to new heights? Only your decisions will tell.


So you’ve got a rundown of the top football games for PC, each with its unique appeal. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the pitch action or dive deep into the nuances of football management, there’s a game that fits your style. You’re the one to make the final call, so pick the game that resonates with you the most and get ready to score some goals or make those game-changing executive decisions. It’s time to lead your team to victory, right from the comfort of your computer chair!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main football games discussed in the article?

FIFA 20, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PES 2020), Madden NFL 20, and Football Manager 2020 (FM20) are the primary games discussed as top football game contenders for PC.

Which game is ideal for players who prefer strategic football management?

Football Manager 2020 (FM20) is perfect for players who enjoy the strategic and managerial side of football, offering detailed control over various aspects of team management.

Does FIFA 20 provide a realistic simulation of football?

Yes, FIFA 20 is known for its realistic simulation of the sport, offering an immersive and addictive gameplay experience to its players.

What is emphasized as a key component of Football Manager 2020?

The game focuses on the intricate detail and depth of strategic planning, including financial management, player morale, and competition mechanics.

Can players build a career in Football Manager 2020?

Yes, Football Manager 2020 allows players to build and evolve their managerial career, making crucial decisions that affect their legacy in the game.

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