Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin? Here’s What You Need to Know

Sports betting in Wisconsin has gone through some exciting changes over the past few years. As of 2024, sports betting is legal in Wisconsin but with some limitations. You can place bets at tribal casinos and some in-person locations like Oneida Casino in Green Bay. However, it’s important to note that mobile betting apps only work when you’re physically present at these casinos, making it a bit more restrictive compared to other states.

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Our journey with sports betting in Wisconsin has been an evolving one, marked by gradual legalization and the growing popularity of online betting platforms. Many international online sports betting sites have been accepting players from Wisconsin for over 15 years. This gives sports fans a variety of options to choose from, despite the state’s cautious approach to broader legalization.

Some fascinating developments could be on the horizon as the pressure builds on Wisconsin policymakers to fully embrace the benefits of a regulated sports betting market. As other states thrive with their legal frameworks, we might see more changes in how and where we can place our bets.

Key Takeaways

  • Sports betting is legal in Wisconsin with some limitations.
  • Betting is allowed at tribal casinos and limited in-person locations.
  • Mobile betting apps are restricted to use within these casinos.

History of Sports Betting in Wisconsin

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Sports betting in Wisconsin has seen significant changes over the years. From federal laws impacting its legality to state legislation and agreements with tribal nations, the landscape has evolved considerably.

PASPA and Federal Impacts

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was a major federal law that impacted sports betting in Wisconsin and many other states. Enacted in 1992, PASPA essentially banned sports betting nationwide, except in a few states. It wasn’t until 2018 that the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, allowing states to decide on their own sports betting laws.

This Supreme Court decision opened the door for Wisconsin to explore and decide on the legality of sports betting within its borders. The repeal of PASPA was a major step that set the stage for local actions and legislation.

State Legislation and Tribal Agreements

After PASPA was repealed, Wisconsin began to move toward legalizing sports betting. The state, however, approached it cautiously and primarily through agreements with tribal nations. The Oneida Tribe was the first to operate a legal sportsbook, starting on November 30, 2021. This was possible because of a gaming compact approval with the Oneida Nation.

Tribal casinos in Wisconsin became the focal point for legal sports betting. These agreements allowed for in-person betting at tribal casino locations. While in-person betting flourished, mobile betting still remained limited to being on-site at these casino locations. This mix of legislation and tribal agreements has shaped the current landscape of sports betting in Wisconsin.

Current Legal Landscape

In Wisconsin, sports betting is a bit of a mixed bag. While some forms of gambling are permitted and regulated, sports betting is limited.

We need to be 21 or older to participate in most gambling activities, including sports betting. However, we can enjoy bingo, raffles, off-track betting, and the lottery if we’re 18.

One notable exception to the sports betting limitations is the Oneida Casino Sportsbook. Located on tribal lands, it started offering legal sports wagering on November 30, 2021. This was a big step for sports betting legality in our state.

  • Age Requirements:
    • 18+ for bingo, raffles, off-track betting, and lottery
    • 21+ for most gambling activities, including sports betting
  • Key Locations:
    • Oneida Casino Sportsbook: First to offer legal sports betting
    • Other tribal casinos: Expected to launch sports betting soon

It’s worth mentioning that mobile betting apps are restricted. These apps only function when we’re at the casinos. They won’t work off-site, which limits our options for placing bets from the comfort of our homes.

The State Legislature has been slow-moving when it comes to expanding sports betting regulations. While current Wisconsin statutes allow gambling at tribal casinos, sports betting is still largely constrained by existing laws.

The regulatory environment is primarily governed by agreements between tribal nations and the state, focusing on ensuring fair play and responsible gambling practices.

We can keep an eye on possible future changes, as states across the country continue to adjust their gambling laws.

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