DIY Baseball Ring Holder: Create a Unique Keepsake in 6 Steps

Ever glanced at your collection of baseball memorabilia and thought it’s missing a personal touch? Well, you’re in luck! Today, you’ll learn how to hit a home run with a DIY baseball ring holder that’ll not only showcase your love for the game but also keep your rings safe and organized.

Imagine turning that cherished old baseball into a functional piece of art. It’s the perfect way to blend your passion with practicality, and the best part? You can do it all by yourself! So, grab your crafting gear, and let’s get started on this fun and easy project that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Materials Needed

Before you dive into crafting your baseball ring holder, you need to ensure you’ve got all your materials lined up. Just like prepping for the big game, having everything ready beforehand makes the whole process smoother.

Grab an Old Baseball from your collection; it’s going to be the centerpiece of this craft. Think of it as retiring a seasoned player to a place of honor in your home. You’ll also need a Sharp Knife or a box cutter. Remember, safety first, so handle it with the same care you would while wielding a bat.

Next, you’ve gotta have Felt. Choose a color that complements your room or matches your favorite team’s colors. This will line the inside of the baseball and provide a soft nest for your rings. You’ll also need Glue—preferably a strong adhesive that can bind the felt to the leather tightly.

Keep a Marker or pen handy to trace your cut line around the baseball. Accuracy here is as important as hitting the strike zone. To finalize the list, here are the materials:

  • Old Baseball
  • Sharp Knife or Box Cutter
  • Felt (color of choice)
  • Strong Glue
  • Marker or Pen

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you dive into the heart of crafting your baseball ring holder, it’s critical to ensure that you’ve got all your supplies on deck. Just like rounding up the right players before a big game, gathering your crafting essentials is key to making this DIY project a true home run.

Start by locating an old baseball. It might be one that’s seen better days on the diamond but isn’t quite ready to retire. This baseball will form the foundation of your ring holder, so choose one that’s got character but still holds its shape.

Next, grab a sharp knife or box cutter. You’ll use this to carefully slice into the baseball, so make sure it’s sharp enough to cut through the leather cleanly. Remember, accuracy is just as important here as it is in throwing a perfect pitch.

You’ll also need some felt. This will line the interior of your baseball ring holder, providing a soft cushion to protect your rings, much like a glove protects your hands when catching a fly ball. Choose a color that stands out or matches your decor.

Strong glue is your next teammate. It’s the pitcher in your crafting lineup, making all the critical plays to keep your project together. Go for a glue that’s known for its strength and durability, so that your baseball ring holder can last for seasons to come.

Finally, a marker or pen will be your guide, allowing you to plot out where you’ll make your cuts into the baseball. This step is not unlike planning your strategy for the game ahead, so take your time with it.

With these supplies in place, you’re ready to step up to the plate. Remember, don’t rush through the gathering stage. A well-prepared crafter is like a well-coached ballplayer – more likely to enjoy success.

Step 2: Prepare the Baseball

Alright, team, now that you’ve got all your gear lined up, it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty—preparing the baseball for its transformation. You’ll want to think of this step as if you’re getting ready for the first pitch of the season—it’s got to be just right.

First off, take the baseball and give it a good clean. A simple wipe-down will do the trick; you don’t want any dirt or grime interfering with your masterpiece. Just like meticulously cleaning your cleats before stepping onto the field, this is about starting with a clean base.

Next up, you’re going to mark the baseball for cutting. Take your marker or pen and draw a line right along the seams. Imagine you’re planning the perfect pitch; you want precision. The line should be long enough to create an opening to hold your rings but not so long that the baseball loses its structure. Think of it as finding the perfect balance between giving a strong pitch and making sure there’s control.

Then, it’s time to get that knife or box cutter in play. Carefully cut along the line you’ve drawn, keeping your tool steady. Remember how you learned to keep a steady swing? Apply that focus here. You want to pierce through the tough leather and the stitching, just like breaking a hitting slump with a solid hit. It’s all about the follow-through, so make sure your cut is clean and even.

Once you’ve made your incision, peel back the leather slightly. You’ll see the cotton-like stuffing inside—don’t hesitate to remove a bit if it gives you more space. Just like adjusting your grip on the bat to get a better swing, tweak the opening until it’s the perfect size for your rings.

Take a moment to admire your handiwork. Just like stepping back to view the whole field before a play, you’re seeing it all come together. This ball’s got a whole new purpose, and you’re the one making it happen.

Step 3: Mark the Placement of the Rings

Just like a coach marks the field before the game, you’ll need to mark your baseball before making any cuts. This step ensures that you know exactly where your rings will fit once the holder is complete. Accuracy is key here, as a wrongly placed mark could throw off your entire game plan.

Imagine you’re setting up the defense, with each player positioned perfectly. Similarly, place your rings on the baseball’s surface to find the sweet spots. These will be the resting places for your rings when they’re not on your fingers. Use a marker or pen to gently outline each ring. Remember to space them out appropriately; think about how outfielders need to cover their territory without overlapping.

After you’ve plotted the spots for your rings, double-check the positioning. Adjust if needed, just as you’d shift your infielders with a left or right-handed batter at the plate. Are all your rings comfortably accommodated with room to breathe? If you’re satisfied with the layout, let those lines be your guide as you move on to the next step.

Marking the placement is not just about practicality; it’s about making this holder a personal testament to your love for the game. Feel free to get creative here – you’re the coach, and this is your game plan. Just make sure that you can see the marks clearly for your next move. Remember, even the smallest details can make or break the play.

Step 4: Drill Holes for the Rings

As a seasoned baseball coach, you know the value of precision and the right tools for the job. With your baseball prepped like a field before game day, it’s time to drill. Grab your drill and a small drill bit that corresponds with the size of your rings—think of it like choosing the right bat for the plate.

To start, secure the baseball in a vice or with clamps to keep it steady—safety first, just like a helmet at the batting cages. You’re aiming to make small indents, not full-through holes, mimicking the way you’d only want to dent the opposing team’s confidence, not shatter it. Drill slowly, with firm pressure, and as you’d instruct your players, keep your eye on the ball—focus on the marked spots where your rings will soon snugly rest.

Vary the depths of each indent based on the ring size; larger, bulkier rings may require deeper nooks. Just as a pitcher varies his throws, adjust your technique to the need of the moment. Your efforts here ensure every ring has its place, sitting securely like a well-trained infield waiting for the play. Remember to frequently check the depth; you don’t want to break through to the other side.

Finally, it’s time to smooth out the edges. Use a smaller bit or sandpaper to fine-tune the holes. This step is akin to grooming the infield; it’s all about creating a smooth surface for the game—or in this case, your precious rings. Make sure there are no rough edges that could scratch your jewelry. Your attention to detail in this step is what makes the difference between a good holder and a great one.

Step 5: Attach the Rings

Now that you’ve got your holes drilled to accommodate your cherished rings, it’s time to step up to the plate and attach the rings to your DIY baseball ring holder. Think of each ring as a potential home run—you want them to sit securely, just like a slugger wants to touch all the bases.

First off, start with your smallest ring. Carefully place it into the smallest hole and press it in gently. If it’s a tight fit, you might need a little wiggle to get it to seat properly. Picture a base runner stealing second; it requires finesse and a bit of boldness.

Move on to your larger rings, following the same process. You’re the coach now, and you’re directing each player—each ring—to its position.

  • Ensure that each ring is snug but not forced in.
  • The fit should be secure enough to hold the rings in place even when the ball is moved.
  • If a ring feels loose, consider lining the hole with a small strip of felt to tighten the fit.

Like double-checking your lineup before a big game, take a closer look once all your rings are in place. Your rings should be easily accessible, and the display should look balanced. Remember, you’re creating not just a ring holder, but a showpiece that reflects your love for the game and your commitment to detail.

With the rings attached, you’re rounding third and heading for home. Even after the game is over, the memories remain—this baseball ring holder will serve as a constant reminder of both your favorite pastime and your most special moments.

Step 6: Add Final Touches

Once you’ve secured your rings into place, it’s time for those final touches that transform a simple project into a personal keepsake. Think of this step as putting the polish on your skills out in the field, just like in baseball where the details can make a world of difference.

  • Personalize with paint. Adding a little paint can bring out your personality. Grab a brush and highlight the stitching with your team colors or a shade that complements your decor. A steady hand and some patience will result in clean lines that make your stitches pop just like the seams on a well-worn baseball in your glove.
  • Seal the deal. To keep everything in top-notch condition, apply a clear sealant over the paint. This will protect your design from wear and tear, much like a good glove conditioner preserves your mitt through the seasons. Ensure you do this in a well-ventilated area and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Display with pride. Decide on the perfect spot to show off your handiwork. Whether it’s on your mantelpiece or alongside your sports memorabilia, make sure it’s somewhere you can see it daily. It’s not just about storing your rings; it’s about celebrating your love for the game each time you glance at it.

Stepping back, admire your DIY baseball ring holder. It represents more than just a place to keep your rings safe. Every look at it will remind you of sunny days on the diamond and the thrill of the game. And just like in sports, the joy is in sharing your passion, so consider making a few more to gift to your teammates or fellow enthusiasts who share your love for the game. After all, baseball’s about coming together as a team, sharing in victories and losses, and cherishing the moments that bring us joy.


You’ve now crafted a unique baseball ring holder that’s not only a nod to your passion for the game but also a creative way to keep your rings safe. It’s a charming piece that’s sure to spark conversations and memories every time you glance at it. Remember, this DIY project is more than just a practical item; it’s a personal touch of home decor that reflects your individuality. Don’t hesitate to make a few more—after all, they make fantastic gifts for your baseball-loving friends. Enjoy the satisfaction of having made something truly special and distinctly yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies are needed to create a DIY baseball ring holder?

You’ll need a baseball, a sharp knife or cutting tool, paint for personalization, clear sealant, and potentially some additional craft supplies depending on your design preferences.

How should I prepare the baseball for cutting?

Start by cleaning the baseball thoroughly. Then, mark a line where you intend to cut, making sure it is straight and even around the baseball’s circumference.

What’s the correct way to cut a baseball for a ring holder?

Carefully cut along the pre-marked line using a sharp knife or cutting tool. Take your time and ensure the cut is as clean and even as possible for the best final appearance.

How much stuffing should I remove from the baseball?

Remove just enough stuffing to create space for placing rings inside the baseball. Avoid removing too much, as the baseball needs to maintain some of its shape and structure.

What are some suggestions for personalizing the baseball ring holder?

Personalization can include painting the baseball with your favorite colors, adding a monogram or date, or drawing designs that reflect personal significance. Be creative!

How do I seal my DIY baseball ring holder?

After personalizing, apply a clear sealant over the entire surface to protect the paint and ensure that the baseball ring holder maintains its appearance over time.

Can the baseball ring holder be used as a gift?

Absolutely! These homemade ring holders can make thoughtful and unique gifts for teammates, coaches, or anyone who loves baseball.

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