Best Sports for Tall Girls: Dominate the Court with Height

Being tall can be a superpower, especially in the world of sports! If you’ve got height on your side, there are certain sports where you’ll shine brighter than the rest. It’s all about playing to your strengths and finding where you fit best.

Benefits of Being Tall in Sports

As someone with a towering presence on the field, you’ve likely noticed that your height can be a definitive advantage in various sports. Let’s break down why being tall can be such a game-changer.

First off, in basketball, height is undeniably a huge asset. It allows you to reach higher for rebounds, shoot over defenders, and protect the rim with more effective shot-blocking. Your extended wingspan intimidates opponents and facilitates passing over shorter players. In volleyball, similar principles apply; your height contributes to powerful spikes and formidable blocks, making it tough for the opposition to find the court.

When you switch to track and field, particularly in events like the high jump or hurdles, being tall with long legs gives you a natural stride advantage, propelling you over the bars with less effort than your shorter competitors. Your height also aids in creating more leverage for events like the javelin or discus throw, translating to potentially farther launches.

In soccer, height isn’t just about goalkeeping, where your reach can protect more of the net. It’s also helpful for heading the ball during set pieces and in dictating physical match-ups. Tall players can be dominant in aerial duels, maintaining control and creating scoring opportunities.

The advantages extend to the field of rowing as well. Your long limbs enable longer, more powerful strokes, propelling the boat with less frequency but increased force. This efficiency in movement can be the difference between silver and gold.

Having a tall stature also provides a psychological edge. Opponents might feel intimidated or assume you have a natural superiority, which could affect their performance. Combine your physical attributes with skill, and you become a formidable athlete, often catching the eye of scouts who value the unique advantages your height brings to the game.

Remember, it’s essential to capitalize on your height but also work on your agility, speed, and technical skills. While your stature is an inherent advantage, combining it with well-rounded athleticism makes you not just tall, but a towering force to be reckoned with on the sports field.

Basketball: Dominating the Game

Basketball is your court, where height isn’t just an advantage, it’s a game changer. Imagine you towering over the competition, grabbing rebounds with ease and shooting effortlessly over shorter defenders. It’s not just about being tall; it’s about using that height to dominate every inch of the hardwood.

In basketball, a few inches can be the difference between a blocked shot and a scoring opportunity. As a tall girl, you’ll have the upper hand in:

  • Protecting the rim
  • Posting up opponents
  • Handling the ball against smaller players

Your height becomes an insurmountable barrier for the opposition. Think of the greats like Lisa Leslie or Brittney Griner, who used their stature to change the dynamics of the game. That could be you, altering shots and racking up points simply because you can reach places others can’t.

Coaching youth sports, you see the immediate impact of height in basketball. Players with height can:

  • Dictate the pace of the game
  • Offer defensive versatility
  • Create mismatches on the court

And while height is undeniably a cornerstone of your basketball prowess, don’t forget the necessity for a well-rounded skill set. Agility, speed, and technical skills are what make tall players truly formidable.

Remember the look on a guard’s face when they see a tall player who can handle the ball? It’s a mix of disbelief and panic. As you work on dribbling, passing, and shooting, combined with your natural advantage, that’s the reaction you’ll inspire.

Behind every successful tall basketball player is a legion of drills and practices focused on footwork and endurance. Maximizing your potential means never resting on your height alone. Instead, view it as the foundation upon which you build an unstoppable arsenal of basketball skills.

Volleyball: A Perfect Fit

As you stand tall, volleyball courts seem almost designed for you. Your height isn’t just a physical attribute here—it’s a strategic advantage. In volleyball, the ability to reach higher and jump further can transform into powerful spikes and impenetrable blocks. Picture the net as a challenge that only you can conquer because your height equips you with a natural prowess.

When you’re playing in the front row, your long limbs are crucial for blocking opponent’s attacks. It’s not just about extending your arms; it’s about timing and reading the play, skills you’re likely to have honed if you’ve played other sports like basketball or soccer. And let’s not forget serving. A taller player’s high contact point can create a steep serve trajectory, making it tricky for opponents to predict and return.

Shift to the back row. Your reach means you can cover more court – a boon when digging for those seemingly impossible saves. In volleyball, the full utilization of your wingspan makes you a formidable defender, stretching the bounds of what’s reachable.

Volleyball isn’t just about height though. You’ll need agility and a good vertical to really stand out. Remember, the court’s only so big, and those lightning-fast serves don’t wait for anyone. Quick reflexes and fast feet are your allies, so make sure to keep them sharp.

Remember to build on your team skills too. Volleyball is a symphony of coordination and teamwork. Each player’s movement relies on the other, a testament to strategy over brute strength. As you lace up those sneakers and step onto the court, remember that your team counts on your unique capabilities to set the pace and establish the path to victory.

Join a team, and watch how your height, combined with practiced skills, can keep opponents on their toes and fans on the edge of their seats. Volleyball offers a platform for tall girls like you to shine, showcasing that vertical advantage in every serve and spike. There’s a spot on the court waiting just for you where your attributes won’t just be celebrated—they’ll be pivotal in every match.

Swimming: Using Your Long Limbs to Your Advantage

Imagine gliding through the water with powerful strokes as your long arms slice through with the precision of a blade. If you’re naturally tall with an impressive wingspan, your limbs are built-in paddles, propelling you forward with each stroke. In swimming, length can equate to speed, and having long limbs is like owning a secret weapon in aquatic competitions.

Your height gives you a starting edge, quite literally, when it comes to diving off blocks. A taller physique can translate into a longer dive and a quicker time to the first stroke. Every millisecond counts, and your initial launch can set the pace for the entire race.

Then there’s your reach. At the end of each lap, being able to stretch out just a few inches more than your competitors could mean the difference between touching the wall first or trailing behind. This advantage is amplified in relay races where the exchange can hinge on the minute distance your fingertips can extend beyond others.

  • Leverage your height during turns: The flip turn is a balletic yet explosive move that you can refine to shave seconds off your laps. With longer legs, you’ll push off the walls with more force, catapulting you forward ahead of the pack.

It’s not all about your limbs, though. Core strength plays a vital role in maintaining stability and creating a smooth, streamlined form in the water. Coupled with consistent training to enhance endurance and technique, you could become unstoppable.

Remember, success in swimming also comes from working smarter, not just harder. Fine-tuning your stroke to maximize the potential of your long limbs can lead to efficiency in the water – reducing resistance and increasing speed.

As you continue to embrace the physical attributes that make you unique, every sport, including swimming, becomes an opportunity to showcase your strengths. Whether you’re chasing personal records or aiming for the podium, the water’s your arena, and your towering presence is meant to make waves.

Tennis: Serving Up Success

Tennis is another fantastic arena where your height can be leveraged to dominate the game. When you step onto the court, you’ll notice that tall players often have a significant advantage, particularly when serving. A towering presence allows you to serve from a higher vantage point, giving the ball that extra kick to sail past your opponent.

Powerful serves are just the beginning. Your long limbs can translate into greater reach, positioning you to effortlessly cover more of the court. With each step, you stretch further than your competitors, making it tough for them to find the open space needed to send a winner past you.

Consider the pros: Venus and Serena Williams, both standing over 6 feet, use their height to generate incredible speed on their serves—a crucial element in their extensive list of achievements. Their aggressive style of play, combined with their powerful strokes, has intimidated opponents for years.

In addition to the serve and reach, here’s what you’ll also bring to the game:

  • Enhanced Ability to Volley: Engaging in net play favors taller players, as you can reach higher and cut off angles with ease.
  • Intimidating Court Presence: Your towering figure can be imposing, mentally rattling your opponents before the match even starts.
  • Angle Play: Being tall allows you to create steeper angles, making it difficult for opponents to return your shots.

It’s clear that height can be a game-changer in tennis, but remember, it’s not just about physical attributes. You’ve got to hone your skills, work on your footwork, and develop a smart game plan. Like swimming, core strength and technique play a crucial role in maximizing your potential on the tennis court.

Whether you’re aiming for baseline rallies or net skirmishes, embrace your height as you serve up success. Your unique physical advantages paired with practice and determination will make you a formidable opponent across the net. Keep focused on your strategic play, and maintain agility to complement your natural assets. With dedication, who knows, you might just be the next tall champion to reign supreme on the tennis courts.


You’ve got the height advantage and now you know how to use it to your benefit across various sports. Remember, while your stature sets you apart on the court or field, it’s your dedication to skill development and strategy that’ll truly make you shine. So grab your racket, lace up your sneakers, and step into your natural role as a formidable athlete. Your towering presence isn’t just for show—it’s a powerful tool in your arsenal. Go out there and play to your strengths; the game is yours for the taking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can height affect your tennis serve?

Being tall allows for a higher vantage point when serving, which can lead to more powerful and effective serves. The added height can give a player an advantage in serving speed and angles.

Does height provide an advantage in reach during tennis matches?

Yes, greater height generally translates to greater reach, which can be a significant advantage in tennis. It enables players to cover a larger area of the court and return shots that shorter players might not reach.

Why can tall players be more intimidating in tennis?

Tall tennis players might have an intimidating court presence due to their height, which can psychologically impact their opponent’s performance. This physical stature can be perceived as dominant in the sport.

Is height the only factor that contributes to success in tennis?

While height provides certain advantages in tennis, it is not the only factor for success. Skills development, exceptional footwork, and a smart game plan are equally crucial for a tennis player’s success on the court.

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