Best Batting Tees for Baseball

Perhaps nothing is more rewarding in baseball than hitting the ball just right. However, hitting a baseball is much harder than it looks. From a 50mph pitch by a youngster to a 90mph pitch by a professional, it can be challenging for batters to make contact at any age level.

There is only one way to improve things – through practice.

Here, tee work can be the best practice option for most players. At times, not every batter has regular access to a pitcher, a pitching machine, or even a field. Here, a batting tee is an ideal option. Consistent tee work allows you to practice repeatedly, hone your skills, and perfect your swing.

However, when you decide to buy a batting tee, you may quickly get confused by the sheer number of options available.

Hence, we have researched and come up with our list of the best batting tees for baseball. It will help you narrow down your options and choose an ideal tee for tee work and batting practice.

Best Batting Tees for Baseball

Here is our list of the best batting tees for baseball.

You have probably heard the brand name Tanner Tee if you play baseball. They are perhaps the best, most well-known brand in the baseball tee market. From little league to the professional levels, Tanner Tee is everywhere and in every major practice facility.

The Original from Tanner Tee is their best-seller, and the product has made them so incredibly popular. It has been a staple of baseball for over 25 years and continues to be one of the best batting tees you can buy today. It has a patented rolled rubber top called the FlexTop, hand-rolled in Sarasota, Florida, and a weather-resistant polymer base.

The hand-rolled FlexTop is ideal for batting because it lets you feel the ball without making much contact with the tee itself. The rubber is sturdy, yet flexible enough to not tip the tee over if you miss-hit. Unlike other tees with plastic stems, there is little interference and fewer tip-overs with the Original.

This tee is adjustable between 26-43-inches and is perhaps the most popular batting tee among college and professional players.

Perhaps the most pocket-friendly option on our list, the Champion Sports 90 Deluxe batting tee has a weather-resistant steel construction and a steel core for added stability, allowing you to knock baseballs harder than a typical batting tee.

It has an official rubber home plate at the base for use in tee-ball and offers telescopic height adjustment between 22 and 47-inches. It also gives you a bigger range in adjustable height than most typical batting tees.

If you want to improve your swing, style, power, and accuracy without breaking the bank, the Champion Sports 90 Deluxe is the batting tee for you.

Another affordable option comes from Franklin Sports. This batting tee has a weather-resistant industrial-grade, durable, high-quality rubber construction for the stem and a weighted steel base for stability. The telescopic stem is adjustable between 20 and 40 inches, allowing for a wide range of tee work.

The stem’s rubber construction is snap-resistant, which means it won’t snap even if you miss-hit hard. However, its most attractive feature is the easy setup. Simply screw the base into the home plate and then screw the tee post to the base.


This adjustable 5-position batting tee from SKLZ has a durable rubber construction and an adjustable tee stem you can set between 20-34-inches. While the height range is lower than other options in this list, this SKLZ batting tee offers a unique base plate with five positions to mount your tee post.

Thus allowing you to practice a variety of inside, outside, and middle pitches. It also offers convenient portability because you can fasten the tee post onto the base plate and use the carry hole in the base plate to carry this batting tee like a briefcase.

Another great option from Tanner Tee, the Tanner Heavy batting tee has all the features of the original model, with the added benefit of a 10lbs heavy “claw” base for added grip and stability. It offers 3 points of contact for solid footing and added weight that makes this batting tee the most stable on our list.

You get the same patented, hand-rolled FlexTop as the original model and also the same adjustable telescopic stem that moves between 26-43-inches. The simple addition of the heavy claw base in the Tanner Heavy makes it a whole other beast compared to the Original. You can practice tee work all day and not tip this batting tee over even once, regardless of any miss-hits.

Our Final Thoughts

As mentioned previously, tee work is incredibly important for any baseball player or batter. It helps you better grasp batting basics and ultimately allows you to perfect your swing over time. The mentioned best batting tees for baseball are all great, and you will improve your swing, speed, power, and accuracy with either of them.

However, if your budget is tight, we recommend the Champion Sports 90 Deluxe Batting Tee, as it is the most pocket-friendly option you’ll find. You can also go for the most unique option on our list, SKLZ Adjustable 5-Position Baseball and Softball Batting Tee.

There is nothing better than the TANNER Heavy if there are no budgetary restraints. Although, if you want the best, most ideal, value-for-money batting tee, our favorite of the bunch is TANNER TEE, the ORIGINAL (TT001).

It has been a baseball staple for decades and offers the most incredible feel and durability at a reasonable price. No wonder it has been an industry leader and the best-selling batting tee from Tanner Tee for so long.

If you want to learn more about the best batting tees for baseball, other top baseball products, or baseball trivia and guides, please visit our website today.

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