Best Baseball Gloves for Kids

If your children are into baseball, you should undoubtedly encourage them as much as possible. Baseball is an excellent sport for children as it helps them become more active while they get some sun. However, before letting them dominate the pitch, it would be best if you got them some baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves are a necessity for baseball players, whether kids or adults. Gloves help baseballers protect their hands while preventing friction between their hands and baseball bats. While shopping for baseball gloves, you’ll find numerous options by numerous brands, but you must choose the right ones.

This article will help you learn how to choose the best baseball gloves for your kids and what the best ones are.

How to Choose Baseball Gloves for Kids

When choosing baseball gloves for kids, you’ll have to be extra careful as kids are more sensitive than adults. You wouldn’t want your little leaguers to have blisters on their hands. So, you must consider specific factors while picking out the best baseball gloves for them. Let’s explore each of these factors one by one.


The first factor you’ll have to zoom in on is the fit of the gloves. Take your kid with you and have them try the gloves on to see whether they fit or not. Ideally, the gloves should snugly fit on their hands. Gloves too big or small can be problematic for your kids while playing. If they’re too big, they won’t be able to hold the bat properly. In the case of a smaller size, it won’t fit them in the first place.


The gloves you purchase for your little baseballer should be made from the best material. The material should provide them with sufficient flexibility, allowing them to stretch their hands freely in between shots. Also, the perfect gloves should have enough strength to control and respond; the former is how well you handle the bat, while the latter means reacting to a throw.


Finally, it would be best to choose gloves that your kid will love wearing since every kid has a unique style. If they’re into baseball, you might as well let them have the whole experience, from choosing their uniform to approaching the game they want to. So, let your kid decide the kind of color and style of gloves they want. The more satisfied they are with their gloves, the better they’ll play.


You might not have known this, but different baseball positions require different gloves. For example, catchers wear a fingerless pair of gloves that allow them not to experience the sting from the catcher’s throw. Similarly, a pitcher’s glove has closed-webbing to conceal the ball efficiently. So, depending on what position your junior leaguer is playing at.

Best Baseball Gloves for Kids

Now that you know what factors to look into while shopping for your kid’s baseball gloves, it would help if you also found out which gloves are the best for your little baseballers. The gloves mentioned below are ideal for kids as they will help them play at their maximum capacity while letting them have fun. Let’s look at a few of the best baseball gloves for kids.

Wilson 11” Youth A500 Series Glove

These gloves are specifically made keeping beginners in mind. This A500 series is made from all leather, making them quite durable and lightweight. The best part about these gloves is that they’re made especially for small hands.

So, you’ll find a small hand opening, making them snugger fits for kids. Priced at just $60, these gloves will offer your kids quite the control while playing. Overall, these gloves by Wilson will be a decent purchase, so we suggest you buy them immediately.

Mizuno 11” Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove

This 11” pair of gloves will be perfect for your junior leaguers, especially if they’ve been playing for a while. These Prospect PowerClose gloves by Mizuno have been made from pigskin leather to provide as much durability as possible. It’s a known fact that leather is one of the most long-lasting materials. So, these gloves will aid your kid in their baseball game. This pair of gloves is excellent for catching as it comes with a great deal of flexibility and strength.

Nike Youth 10” Alpha Edge Glove 2020

These gloves by Nike will surely be a hit amongst your baseball prodigies and their teammates, considering how stylish they are. These Alpha Edge Gloves come in all-black with hints of golden accents, making them pretty sleek to match any baseball uniform.

The gloves are made from split-grain leather to add extra padding to provide the durability that a decent pair of gloves requires. The back of the gloves comes with a breathable mesh. Another feature of these gloves is the adjustable cuffs, which stay on tiny hands.

FerDIM Kids Baseball Glove

The most convenient part about getting these gloves is the variety in sizes. You’ll find them in nine to twelve inches, making them suit kids of different ages. Also, they’re suited rather well for beginners and young professional players, allowing them to have an excellent game.

Another reason you might find it interesting to purchase these gloves for your kid is the range of colors. They can choose from various colors, including brown, black, and pink. They’re pretty inexpensive as they’re priced at just $17.

Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

If your kid has seen Sandlot, they will undoubtedly love wearing these gloves on the pitch. This pair of gloves come in the classic deep brown color with black lacing.

When you shop for these gloves, you’ll find them in plenty of different styles and colors. Overall, these gloves will aid your kid plenty on the pitch as they have sufficient flexibility and breathability. These Rawlings Sandlot gloves will serve your little baseballer reasonably well.

Our Final Thoughts

The gloves mentioned above are all excellent as they offer numerous benefits. So, please take your kid with you and let them select a pair of gloves they will find suitable.

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